Kshine led display is a leading manufacturer in India manufacturing LED-based display systems.They are used to transfer visual information for mass communication. Such as online live production status,graphical Data presentation,qualitative microcontroller-based products including LED display board in Himachal Pradesh, scrolling led display board, Led production display board,Digital Text Display,multiline Display board, multi color led display board,led scrolling display board, interest Includes information like LED display board can also display rate boards, scoreboards, token display systems,digital clocks, customized logos, UP down counters, still boards and jewelers board design, animated messages and pictures for effective and immediate understanding.

Product Description

  • Lightweight. Convenient in transporting and installing.
  • Saving labor cost, suitable for flow shows.
  • Nice appearance and straightforward structures.
  • It is being correctly installed and dismantled jointly by a person without equipment.
  • Humanized operating interface with breakdown indicator lights, easy to take care of.
  • High debugging brightness and no damage to grayscale.
  • Screen uniformity is sweet, and an honest solution to mosaic has excellent consistency.
  • Using a real perfect pixel display, whether in text or images, has a clear, excellent, and real display effect.
  • Viewing angle of 120 degrees so more is often achieved, the image no distortion, no color cast.
  • Easy to take care of, are able to do one point of maintenance, maintenance costs are relatively low, protection class up to IP 40.