LED Sign Board

LED sign boards are an improved version of the luminous neon signs, with which you can reduce light consumption to up to 80%. In addition, this technology allows you to go beyond displaying a commercial name on a luminous sing, since it also allows you to broadcast digital videos and static images in full color.

Areas Of Application

  • LED signs board are perfect for all types of businesses: stores and franchises, clinics, offices and offices; restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses; Off licenses, hairdressers, opticians, pharmacies, driving schools, parkings. 
  • A luminous advertising sign is essential for any store or business that wants to take advantage of new technologies (ICT) to increase its sales. But while increasing advertising investment is a fundamental aspect, this action does not always guarantee ROI.
  • However, the use of a LED sign board helps recover the amount invested, since it will attract the pedestrians’ attention. If your content is striking, there will surely be an increase in the number of interested people. You will also get a return on the investment in a very short time.

Ease of Operation with Content Management Software

  •  With our programmable LED sign board, we can include our special player, with which you can broadcast all types of video files and images. Ads can be scheduled to be broadcast at specific times, you can even do it for certain specific days.
  • The included content management software makes it easy to upload files to your digital banner. Playing simple videos taken from television does not make much sense, since the rectangular shape of a LED sign board does not keep the same proportion. This is why it is advisable to design or adapt a good advertisement thinking about the size and shape of your sign board. To help you, we have online training courses, with which you will discover how to adapt these videos to your new LED sign board.